A look at some of the biggest transformations that AdaptMyHome can offer disabled people

One of the key drivers for this project has been to reduce waiting lists for assessment, allowing Occupational Therapists time to focus in other more complex areas such as larger adaptations.

This new version of AdaptMyHome will also offer a way of engaging with these services online. Whilst we know that some applicants may prefer to use the traditional phone routes, many applicants, particularly the 40% of applicants under the age of 60, may prefer this shorter, web-based self-assessment.

The portal will offer alternative pathways and solutions for clients without funnelling them all towards the Local Authority and streamlining the process for those who are in fact eligible for the DFG. We want to empower clients to have a greater understanding of the different options they may have, how the funding works and the different stages of the process. Clients will receive advice on things they can do to improve their housing that will prevent further issues, whilst managing expectations of the type of support they may be eligible for.

In May and June, we held 3 workshops with Local Authorities to discuss the portal and feedback on additional modifications needed to ensure it will launch with the features required. We were thrilled with predominantly positive comments at this early stage and are looking forward to implementing the changes before the launch later this year.

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