Foundations is the National Body for the Disabled Facilities Grant and Home Improvement Agencies in England.

This means that we’re contracted by the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities to support the delivery of Disabled Facilities Grants and oversee a national network of over 200 Home Improvement Agencies (HIAs) and handyperson providers across England.

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Regional Advisors

Foundations’ team of regional advisors offers expert, localised support to professionals in the home adaptation and improvements sector. These advisors are well-versed in regional specifics, enabling them to provide tailored guidance and resources that address local challenges and opportunities. They act as a bridge between national policies and local implementation, ensuring best practices are adapted effectively to meet regional needs. This close-to-ground approach enhances the quality and relevance of services, fostering stronger, community-focused home adaptation solutions.

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DFG Champions

DFG Champions, an initiative by Foundations, enhances Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) delivery through educational roadshows and a dedicated Facebook group. These roadshows facilitate professional engagement and knowledge sharing, while the Facebook group offers a platform for continuous dialogue and support among DFG professionals. This integrated approach provides a robust network for professionals to stay connected, informed, and excel in their work.

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Consultancy Services

Foundations provides expert consultancy services in home adaptations and improvements, catering specifically to the needs of local authorities and housing associations. Our experienced consultants offer tailored guidance on policy compliance, funding management, and process efficiency, aiming to streamline services and enhance community impact. With a focus on practical solutions and innovation, we help clients achieve excellence in project delivery and staff training.

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Foundations Case Manager

Foundations Case Manager streamlines home adaptation project management with user-friendly features for case tracking and resource allocation. It simplifies processes from assessment to completion, enabling efficient decision-making and service delivery. This tool helps organisations optimise workflow, reduce administrative tasks, and focus on quality  outcomes for their clients.

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Foundations provides comprehensive training for home adaptation professionals, covering topics from disability adaptations to project management. Delivered by expert trainers, our courses, including workshops, webinars, and tailored sessions, are designed to enhance practical skills and knowledge. This focused training equips professionals to deliver high-quality services, directly benefiting those in need of home adaptations.

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Foundations Independent Living Trust

Our charity provides home improvement agencies (HIAs) with advice, funding, research, and ongoing support to help them better serve disabled, older, and vulnerable people. We prioritize ensuring that the home environment is not only accessible but also promotes health and safety. This is achieved through adaptations, equipment, and necessary repairs. We also fund pioneering sector research and pilot projects.

Interactive Webinars and Professional Networks

Foundations LIVE

Join our monthly live session, Foundations LIVE, a webinar series designed to keep you updated with the latest sector news and good practice. Each month, we delve into relevant issues, featuring insights from experts and successful case studies. This platform fosters a learning environment to help you stay at the forefront of sector developments. Sessions are also available across our social media channels.

Foundations NETWORKS

Connect and grow with Foundations NETWORKS, our professional communities tailored by profession, geographic location, or specific thematic areas. These networks offer regular online meetings and an interactive forum, creating a space for professionals to exchange ideas, share expertise, and enhance their knowledge base through peer-to-peer learning and collaboration.

Success Stories and Future Projects

DFG Stories

Let’s turn the spotlight on the successes of Disabled Facilities Grants. It’s common to hear about the few DFG cases that don’t go as planned, but what about the many that do? At Foundations, we’re committed to sharing those good news stories. We invite you to share your good news cases with us so we can share them on social media. Help us showcase the real, beneficial impact of DFGs on individuals and their families.

Waiting List

Interested in what’s next at Foundations? Join our Waiting List. This isn’t just a list—it’s your gateway to upcoming projects and potential collaborations. By signing up, you’ll get the inside track on our forward plans and be the first to know about opportunities to collaborate. It’s a great way for professionals like you to stay connected and involved with upcoming initiatives.

Are you a member of the public?

Are you a member of the public looking for reliable advice on home repairs and improvements? For guidance on home repairs and finding your local home improvement agency, visit Find My HIA.

If your focus is on adapting your home due to a disability, Adapt My Home offers information, a guided self assessment and contact details for your local authority if you live in England.