DFG Champions

In every local authority area, there are DFG Champions. They are committed to securing the best outcomes for older and disabled people in their area, but they also know that the DFG process can be overly complicated and want to improve it. DFG Champions could be managers, caseworkers, technical officers, occupational therapists, grants officers, builders, manufacturers, etc.

The DFG Champions initiative, launched in September 2016, advocates for good practice and supports a change in the delivery of the DFG programme. It includes the DFG Champions roadshows, which aim to link up all the dedicated professionals who help thousands of people to adapt their homes every year.

Dfg Champions Roadshow (385 X 330 Px)[1]

DFG Champions Facebook Group

Dramatic social change has been driven time and again by people coming together in social movements to solve problems, shift how people think, support each other and demand what they need. That’s why we set up DFG Champions.

Bringing people together is a key part of the process so for the times in between the Roadshows we have a closed Facebook discussion group. It’s where hundreds of professionals share problems and expertise and discuss a wide range of DFG related issues.

It’s a closed group for professionals only, but if you would like to join go to¬†www.facebook.com/groups/DFGChampions

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