It’s difficult juggling all the complexities of casework, contractors and adaptations in the home. That’s why we developed sector specific software to simplify your processes and store information in one place so that it can be shared easily and quickly. 

Foundations Case Manager is a single place to record, store and retrieve all your casework activity. It can be used across departments by different staff and manages interactions so you don’t have to.  

The number one cloud-based case management system for Home Improvement Agencies and Local Authorities handling Disabled Facilities Grants – features include case recording & progression, report management and client relationship records. 

Streamline your caseloads and improve your workflow processes.

The system is specifically designed for the adaptations sector, it mirrors your existing workflows – working the way you want it to work. Unique feature include guides for processes making it easy to use. 

Safe and secure.

Using high levels of encryption and cloud-based technology, so no locally stored data, the system keeps your information safe and secure. The same technology platform, powered by Iizuka, is used by UK government departments so you can be assured of the very best security for sensitive case information and reduce risks to data breaches. 

Tailored solutions.

Foundations Case Manager allows users to choose a range of bespoke and unique case management solutions for a wide range of organisations and services. Special and additional modules enable users to customise the system to meet their own needs and priorities.