Additional Modules

Address look-up
This is a utility which links the Case Manager system into a national address database and allows full or partial addresses to be looked up and automatically inputted. The module can break down addresses to ward level.
Case Reviews
This module builds on existing workflows to provide an in-depth review of cases which can be triggered manually, or through an automated process, to ensure good quality service.
This module has been built with a typical handyperson service in mind and offers specifically tailored: workflows, case types, documents and reporting capabilities to provide full support to any agencies operating a handyperson service.
Income maximisation
This module has been built specifically for advisors providing welfare benefit and debt advice to clients, allowing capturing of important data and specific related reporting tools.
Stock control module
We are currently in the process of developing a stock control module to meet the needs of the HIA sector. As this is in development we would welcome any input from both users and non-users. If you would like to arrange a follow-up session, please contact the Foundations Case Manager Team.
Outlook/Exchange integration
This module integrates the working diary within Foundations Case Manager with your Microsoft Exchange diary to allow easier appointment handling and booking.
SMS/Texting module
This module allows SMS updates to be sent to clients directly from the system, including appointment reminders, important information updates and requests for information.
Telephony integration
Upon answering the telephone, the new case screen can be launched with the inclusion of a “screen pop” detailing information about the inbound call, allowing you to manage customer contact both quickly and efficiently. The telephone number is automatically filled and the system will search for associated details.
Optional time recording module
This module allows the user to define where time has been allocated, independently of time spent against cases or case actions. Users can also view time recorded on each day to ensure full working day is allocated.
Optional 'involvements' module
The module allows users to define multiple third-party organisations and define what their involvement is with each case (e.g. – where, when and how an organisation has supported a customer). This module also allows users to involve multiple people, such as: next of kin, preferred contact etc., across multiple cases belonging to the same client.
Mobile app
The latest addition to the ever-increasing range of modules available in Case Manager is the Mobile working module which can enable your staff to access Case Manager, both online and offline, on an android phone or tablet device whilst in the field. The Mobile App provides fast and intuitive access to case and client information as well as a range of useful tools, such as assessment completion, signature capture, custom field completion and satellite navigation. The new Mobile working module will benefit any staff working in the field. The module provides live synchronisation to your system if an internet connection is available. Alternatively, the app can be used for offline working through a built-in cache that automatically updates the main Case Manager system as soon as the internet connection is restored. This will clearly benefit agencies that are working in rural settings or operate in large areas where internet connections can be unreliable.

Contact us

For more information about any of these modules please email the Foundations Case Manager Helpdesk.