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Happiness Begins at Home: Supporting People to Live Independently and Securely

Foundations Independent Living Trust’s mission is to connect our funding partners with local organisations that assist households in need to remain in their own homes, ensuring they are warm, safe, independent, and secure.

To date, Foundations Independent Living Trust has managed over £7m of funds, supporting over 30,000 households in enhancing the safety and warmth of their homes. We have also successfully led a range of research and pilot projects that have brought significant benefits to local communities and the broader health and housing sector.

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Poor Housing and Health Cost Lives

A lack of action on poor-quality housing is leading to avoidable deaths, with 1 in 10 homes posing a serious risk to their residents’ health or safety (Homes that kill: 2 million homes in England pose a serious threat to health or safety – Centre for Ageing Better).

Around three in ten people live in poor housing (3.6 million children, 9.2 million working-age adults and 2 million pensioners) (People living in bad housing – numbers and health impacts – Shelter England).  It is estimated that the total number of UK households in fuel poverty is 6.5m (Fuel poverty in the UK – House of Commons Library). 

Our mission is to change the narrative of housing quality and improve the quality of life for people in communities across the country. We provide financial assistance, support Home Improvement Agencies, deliver pioneering research, and create awareness to help people be independent, warm and safe in their homes.  

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Collaborate with our Community 

Our network of housing and health professionals is responsible for housing and health strategies, from organising home visits and health assessments to driving strategic action. They share our passion for ensuring positive outcomes and helpful impact is made on the lives of individuals of older and disabled individuals.

Making a real difference to our communities’ social and economic wellbeing is at the heart of what we do. Foundations Independent Living Trust supports the Corporate Social Responsibility values of our partners by producing major research contributions related to healthy communities and tackling key health and housing challenges. 

Whether through funding, resources, or expertise our funding partners can make a difference and support people to be happier in their homes. 

Make a Difference




Your support can fund vital home support, directly impacting the lives of people and their communities.



We have a unique network of professionals in the housing and health community who are committed to supporting individuals and households in need.



Our forward-thinking pilot projects and pioneering research are focused on delivering valuable change in the housing sector and across diverse communities.

Our Actions



We fundraise to do the fundamental work at Foundations Independent Living. From in-house fundraising events to generous donations from partners and others; in the world of home improvements, every penny raised counts.

HIA Advice, Funding and Support
HIA Advice, Funding and Support


We provide HIAs with specialised guidance, financial assistance, and tools to enable them to address the pressing requirements of individuals in need of transformative home modifications.


Sector Research and Pilot Projects
Sector Research


As a committed team of individuals, we spearhead innovative sector research in supporting HIAs and their efforts to facilitate life-changing home adaptations for those in need.



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Making Homes Safer

We are proud to collaborate with Gas Safe Charity in a vital initiative aimed at enhancing gas safety in homes across the UK. This partnership enables us to provide funding for Home Improvement Agencies to conduct essential repairs in owner-occupied homes, specifically addressing gas safety concerns. Our joint efforts not only ensure homes are safer, but also supports residents in maintaining their well-being and comfort. This collaboration is part of our commitment to improving living conditions and safety standards nationwide.


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“Do you realise what comfort is given to our clients for them to hear good news so quickly? It means so much to them, not only that someone cares, but they can stop worrying.”

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“We are so grateful for the continued gas safe funding we receive, which enables us to deliver these essential works to the vulnerable people we support, who are often on low income, and helps to ensure their safety, warmth and wellbeing at home.”

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“We’re a charitable organisation who pride ourselves on being able to help the elderly and vulnerable to carry out repairs they may otherwise not be able to afford – the Gas Safety funding is imperative to this, and is absolutely invaluable.”

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