Foundations Independent Living Trust is the Charitable arm of Foundations

We operate as part of Foundations, supporting case workers to find the right funding for their clients. Through distribution of Corporate Social Responsibility and charity funds to HIAs, we enable caseworkers to provide a range of invaluable support measures to older and vulnerable people to help them live with dignity in their own homes. This funding can help you to deliver a fast and effective service by assessing customer need and carrying out the necessary work.

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The Difference we Make

Funding from Foundations Independent Living Trust delivers great results for vulnerable people:

  • Enabling people to feel warm, safe and well in their own homes.
  • Helping people to feel less socially isolated reducing the risk of going into hospital, for example through trips and falls and cold-related illness.
  • Enabling people to come home from hospital to a safe and warm home.
  • Improving peoples’ financial situations, for example through reduced fuel bills.


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“Do you realise what comfort is given to our clients for them to hear good news so quickly? It means so much to them, not only that someone cares, but they can stop worrying.” – Janet Rowley, caseworker, Preston Care and Repair

What We Do

At Foundations Independent Living Trust, we recognise that for older, vulnerable and financially constrained people, the desire to stay at home can often be at odds with the practicalities of staying at home. Actioning manageable repairs, small-scale improvements and assistive modifications can feel like a mountain to climb. What should in principle be easy is transformed into an insurmountable challenge –threatening their sense of safety, security and well-being in the one place that should afford them these very things –their home.

With our family of partners, we provide the funding, advice and support to ensure everyday people in need can make the practical changes and repairs to their homes that they need, and deserve. From a new boiler to a front door grab-rail; from new windows to simple draught excluders. Because small changes can have meaningful, lifechanging impacts. Because small is powerful. It’s what we do, everyday.

Our mission is to help people to continue to love their home, to thrive in their home. To not feel that everyday is a battle to live independent, purposeful lives in their home. To make sure no one falls through the gap –however large or small their need.

Our Trustees and Patrons