Pilot Projects in Partnership with Taylor Wimpey

Foundations Independent Living Trust has been around since 2001. Back then it was just “Foundations Trust”, set up to provide a hardship fund for Home Improvement Agencies to access for their clients. And that’s been its key priority ever since – currently channelling funds from nPower and Gas Safe Charity.

Back in 2006 when we added “Independent Living” to its name, it also had some secondary priorities:

  • To provide practical support for Home Improvement Agencies in delivering their services to vulnerable people, such as training, disseminating good practice, improving information technology capacity, and collective purchasing.
  • To support research programmes that will improve understanding and promote solutions to the problems facing vulnerable people who need to adapt or repair their homes.

With a new Chair (Jacqueline Winstanley) and funding from Taylor Wimpey, we decided it was time to revisit some of these secondary priorities and see what we can do to provide practical support to the sector and undertake some useful research.

This means we can align the Trust’s work much more closely with Foundations and do some innovative and interesting stuff.

Accredited Contractors

Contractors are a key part of the DFG system. Two local authorities are going to be using Trustmark to develop their list of accredited contractors and share it with their neighbours

Free e-learning for HIAs

A suite of on-line learning which is available totally free of charge for anyone working for an accredited Home Improvement Agency

Social Value of Adaptations

A new report which works out the social value of home adaptations - giving the financial benefit of an adaptation to the wider public sector and ultimately to the Treasury.

Should I Stay

An online tool that helps you decide: Should I stay, or should I go?

Adaptions in Social Housing

New guidance on how local authorities and housing associations can work together better on home adaptations

Help to Move

Two Home Improvement Agencies tested how effectively they could support people to move, if that's a better option than staying put.

Adaptations Register

Very few social landlords keep accurate records of the adaptations made to their properties. We set out to develop a comprehensive database to record key features that would help a disabled person to be matched with a suitable property.

Flood Workers

How a Home Improvement Agency can help people and communities to recover after devastating floods. Includes learning for others

Dementia Grants

Learning from 4 pilots where they tested out different approaches to adapting homes for people with a diagnosis of dementia