We provide a tried and tested pathway for potential funders to make a difference to the health and wellbeing of vulnerable people throughout England.

We help people by channelling funds into a network of nearly 200 Home Improvement Agencies (HIAs) and handyperson schemes.

They are embedded in local communities, highly valued and trusted by their clients – many of whom have long term conditions – and provide a range of services that enable people to remain in their own homes. HIAs act as a single point of contact for the client, addressing a range of concerns such as trip hazards, cold-related illnesses, and bringing in support from other agencies.

We already work with a cross section of organisations – companies and charities alike, who support our work. There are many benefits for partners, for us and most importantly for the beneficiaries of our work.

For partners:

  • You can play a part in keeping thousands of elderly and vulnerable householders warm, safe and secure in their own homes over coming years.
  • Fulfilling (and maybe exceeding!) your corporate or charitable objectives in regard to the communities where you operate or with which you want to be associated.
  • Complying with any statutory or compliance obligations in regard to duties that are upon you.
  • Assurances that your money will be used effectively and to agreed standards by accredited HIAs without excess bureaucracy.
  • Opportunities to raise your organisation’s profile.
  • An assurance that your funds do actually get to hard-to-reach groups speedily and with the maximum impact, through mobilising and coordinating an extensive HIA network embedded in communities and with trusted relationships with vulnerable, older and disabled people.

For our Beneficiaries:

Those in receipt of funding report improved health and wellbeing, feeling warmer at home, safer, greater peace of mind, improved confidence and generally a feeling of happiness at being able to stay in their own home feeling safe and well.

For us:

FILT benefits from new and existing partnerships through receipt of vital resources to continue building our work and to meet our ambition to reach 100,000 people over a ten year time frame.

We are interested in hearing from organisations who share our focus on home-based solutions for vulnerable people.

If you could help us explore further funding opportunities or would like further information on how you can help please contact us.