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Meet Our Regional Advisors: Expert Guidance at Your Service

Welcome to the hub where expertise meets support – our dedicated team of Regional Advisors. At the very core of our mission, they play a pivotal role in offering specialised advice and assistance to Local Authorities and Home Improvement Agencies. Thanks to funding from the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, this invaluable support is available to you at no cost.

Our advisors are not just experts; they’re your guides and allies in navigating the complexities of the home improvement sector. Whether you’re grappling with the intricacies of DFG legislation, seeking insights on how to commission a Home Improvement Agency, or need guidance on anything related to home adaptations and improvements – our team is here to provide clarity and direction.

With a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to helping you succeed, our Regional Advisors are more than just consultants – they’re an extension of your team, dedicated to empowering you with the tools and knowledge needed for success. Reach out to us for tailored support that makes a real difference.

We offer a comprehensive range of support, which includes:

Advice and support:

Foundations can offer general advice and support as part of our national body contract. An essential part of what we offer is advice and support on DFG delivery, including policy development and answering your practice question. In addition, we continue to provide advice and support around the development of HIA, Handyperson and DFG Funded adaptations services. Services offered under our national body contract are free-of-charge. We can also attend and contribute to local working groups in these areas.

Quality Assurance:

Foundations offer a quality assurance program covering various areas of activity:

  • HIA Accreditation is how Foundations formally recognise and “accredits” an organisation as an HIA. Accreditation allows the organisation to use the HIA logo and provides access to a range of standard document templates to help you develop your HIA service. HIA Accreditation is free of charge.
  • Quality Mark is the accreditation program for HIAs and handyperson services. Quality Mark is a quality assessment of your policies and procedures, and if successfully completed, lasts for two years. In addition, you receive a certificate and the right to use the Quality Mark logo.  Quality Mark is free of charge to accredited Home Improvement Agencies.
  • The DFG Quality Standard is a ten-point assessment of a local authority’s DFG funded adaptations procedures. The assessment is both challenging and constructive and aims to offer development points to ensure a local authority’s DFG procedures provide a good level of service to clients. The DFG Quality Standard audit is free of charge to local authorities.


Foundations offers a range of training resources to staff operating in the HIA / Adaptations area. Many training courses are free of charge to accredited HIAs, although some of our more specialist courses are charged for.

Regulatory Reform Order (RRO) policy development

Simple advice and review of housing assistance policies is provided free of charge; however, Foundations can provide specific consultancy services on a paid-for basis to analyse and produce RRO policy for your local authority.

Foundations Regional Advisors each have an allocated patch. To find which one covers your area use our A-to-Z directory of Housing Authorities in England.

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