Free DFG Basics Training

The basic rules for the Disabled Facilities Grant are set out in the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 – but there are a range of Regulations, General Consents and Orders that add further details, not to mention several updates to the guidance over the years. Then there are court rulings that set precedents and hundreds of judgements from the Local Government Ombudsman.

Not surprisingly it can be quite complicated to work out how all this fits together and whether some applications should be approved or not. This leads to some decisions being based on local custom and practice rather than a firm understanding of the rules.

Our course unpacks what you need to know with practical examples from our Regional Advisors.

Our short, online course covers:

  • How to apply the Act
  • How the Regulations, Consents and Orders work
  • Key elements from the guidance
  • When and how to use discretion
  • Good practice examples
  • Sample cases from the Ombudsman

Here’s what people have said about the course:

“Well and interestingly presented. I loved the many contributions from other course participants and the fact that the facilitator was so experienced and knowledgeable. I also appreciated the very ‘human’ approach.”

“Excellent to getting an overview of what is important and why”

“I think this course would be a really good use of time for Better Care Fund leads across the country”

As well as our regular online sessions, we can also provide special sessions in-house sessions for individual teams

In-house training

To request an in-house course for your team (in person or via Teams) please send us a message