Provisions of the new AdaptMyHome Portal

Our mission since 2015 has been to support local authorities to deliver the DFG in a way that not only benefits clients, but also ensures that staff are offered systems to improve the administration of the DFG process.

If you are a local authority who manages contractors through more traditional means, you will be used to the frustrations of lost email threads, unrecorded phone calls, and long waiting times for evidence submitted for sign off.

As part of the redevelopment of the AdaptMyHome web portal, which will allow clients to complete self-assessments and view suggestions to improve their homes online, Foundations have been working closely with Iizuka to add new functionality to the Foundations Case Manager system which makes managing contractors a breeze.

Clients will complete their self-assessment on the new web portal, and eligible referrals will be passed directly into the new Case Manager system where you’ll be able to then manage the entire procurement process.

The development involves new modules which enable local authorities to access and manage an accredited list of contractors, whilst also simplifying the job quotation and procurement process for both your staff and potential contractors themselves.

This will include a messaging system which keeps all communication in one tracible place, minimising the need for constant property visits and saving time for your staff. It will also provide an enhanced quotation system, offering an easier way to predict quotes and streamline the procurement system.

The new portal is going through the final stages of testing and will be ready to trial in the next few months for any local authorities ready to completely transform their DFG process. It runs seamlessly with the new AdaptMyHome referrals portal and will become a vital tool to enhancing the experience of DFG application and completion for everyone involved.

If you are interested in the new modules as a current Foundations Case Manager customer, or would like to enquire as a new customer looking to implement the solution, contact [email protected].