Foundations Independent Living Trust tools

I’ve blogged in the past about some of the software that we use at Foundations, and I’ll revisit that again in the future. But there are some different tools we use to manage Foundations Independent Living Trust that you mind also find useful.

Keeping track of grant giving programmes can be quite labour intensive. For our Gas Safe Charity grants we need to collate monthly performance reports, which used to mean collecting a spreadsheet from each agency and the monotonous task of checking, copying and pasting into a master version.


We looked around for something better and eventually came across Rowshare. It’s a bit like a big online spreadsheet that lots of people can edit, but crucially each user can only see their own rows. So each person enters their data (including uploading copies of completion forms) and then we can see the whole table with totals at the bottom. We export the data into Excel and do all the analysis which we feed back to agencies and report to our funders.

It’s a very versatile little tool which we’ve also used to do online surveys and as a simple expenses form for our trustees.

Mycommittee and Xero

Talking of trustees, we’ve just started using mycommittee. It’s an online tool for all your trustee admin (apart from expenses). Keep all your agendas, minutes and attachments, arrange meeting dates, manage tasks and actions and hold discussions in between meetings. It’s pretty easy to use and there’s a generous free version that allows you to give it a proper test.

For our accounts we’ve recently switched to Xero, which we also use for Foundations. We tried a few other accounts packages but Xero is by far the best. It’s easy to setup and use, and allows you to fix any little mistakes without having to call your accountant every five minutes.

It also has built in reports that you can modify to suit your needs and automatically synchronises with your back account so you can keep up to date using the mobile app.


I also like how many other tools there are that integrate with it. For example, any invoices we receive are forwarded straight to HubDoc. It magically reads all the details and enters it all into Xero with just a couple of clicks.

I hope you find one of these useful. If there are any apps or tools you think I would like, please let me know!