Frequently Asked Questions on Disabled Facilities Grants

Yes, there is no cap on the amount of savings you can have – as there is for social care. But savings can affect the amount of grant you will receive. You can find out how much by using the means test calculator at adaptmyhome.org.uk.

Can you have more than one disabled facilities grant?

Yes, there’s not a limit on how many grants you can have. However, each application will be judged on its own merits.

How do I get a disabled facilities grant?

In most areas you will start the process by contacting your local social services department. You can find their contact details at adaptmyhome.org.uk.

How long does it take to get a disabled facilities grant?

It depends on what adaptations you need and how urgent your situation is. An urgent and simple adaptation should be done in 11 weeks, but a complex non-urgent case could take up to 36 weeks. These timescales are part of the government guidance to local authorities.

Can I get a disabled facilities grant if I am a council tenant?

Yes, but many councils do not means test their tenants and will carry out adaptations on request.

Typical Adaptations

Scroll through the slider to see images of some typical adaptations paid for by a disabled facilities grant. Click on an image to open a larger view.

Handicare Stairlift
Stiltz Trio Lift
Stannah Stairlift
Rs117 Peabody Kent 26 (1)
Shower Adaptation
Ramp to front door