The Housing Renewal Grants (Landlord’s Applications) (England) Direction 1996

The Secretary of State for the Environment, as respects England, in exercise of the powers conferred on him by sections 31(3)(b) and 146(1) and (2) of the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996(1) (“the Act”), hereby makes the following Direction:-

Citation and commencement
  • 1. This direction may be cited as the Housing Renewal Grants (Landlord’s Applications) (England) Direction 1996 and shall come into force on 17 December 1996.
Determination of landlord’s grants
  • 2. In determining the amount of grant (if any) where they approve an application to which section 31 of the Act applies (determination of amount of grant in case of landlord’s application), the local housing authority shall take into account, in addition to the matters referred to in section 31(3)(a) of the Act, such other matters as seem to them to be relevant in all the circumstances, having regard in particular to any relevant policy contained in their published renewal strategy (if any) for private sector housing in their area.
  • 3. Paragraph 2 shall not have effect in relation to applications for grant made before 17 December 1996.


Signed by authority of the Secretary of State
C L L Braun
Assistant Secretary. Department of the Environment
2 December 1996