Foundations November Webinar – Yasmeen Hussein

Yasmeen Hussein, Policy Executive at Foundations, presents findings from her MA Dissertation on Culture, Diversity and the DFG. This body of work is a direct result of Yasmeen's increasing focus on Diversity and Inclusion within her role at Foundations, as well as academic background in MA Peace and Conflict Studies.

Foundations November Webinar – Arif Rehman

Arif Rehman, Occupational Therapist Manager at Bradford Council, is interviewed by Foundations' Yasmeen Hussein and Harry O'Shea. Arif discusses Diversity, Inclusion and the DFG, while sharing his experiences of working with individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds in Bradford.

Foundations October Webinar – Nicky Huston

Nick Huston, Future Energy Business Manager at Daikin UK, gives an overview of some of the funding solutions and support available around energy efficiencies in the home.

Foundations October Webinar – Chris Park

Chris Park, Housing Adaptations Manager at Lancaster HIA, discusses what the agency are doing to help vulnerable residents keep warm this winter.

Foundations October Webinar – Amanda Megson

Amanda Megson, Senior Development Officer at the Energy Saving Trust, provides an introduction to the Energy Redress Scheme and funding available to support people to keep safe and warm in their homes.

Foundations October Webinar – Becky Walker

Becky Walker, Home Improvement Agency Team Manager at Oxford City Council, discusses warm homes scheme.

October special webinar – BathOut 2 Project

A special webinar on BathOut2 project explores an exciting research project - which will change our understanding of the benefit of timely home adaptations.

July Webinar – Andy Perrins, Vicky Horsfield, Jonathan Jenkinson

YPO's Andy Perrins and Vicky Horsfield are joined by Jonathan Jenkinson, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, who discuss how a dynamic procurement system is helping to manage contractors and efficiently deliver DFG projects.