Foundations May Webinar – Tony Steel

Band of Builders' Tony Steel reflects on the journey of this unique registered Charity, formed in 2019 with over 30 projects completed with a delivery value of over £1 million. Tony discusses some of the projects to support vulnerable people and the impact of the DFG.

Foundations May Webinar – Livia Dragomir

The Centre for Ageing Better's Livia Dragomir discusses Age-friendly homes, the Good Home Hub and the Good Home Network to explore ways to improve homes locally.

Foundations May Webinar – Paul Smith

Director of Foundations, Paul Smith, shares the top ten tips and insights into working with contractors for home adaptations.

Foundations April Webinar – Paul Smith

In this presentation Foundations Director Paul Smith explores if there is another way for landlords and local authorities to process grants and make adaptations to tenant's homes.

Foundations April Webinar – Coral Wealthall

Coral Wealthall, Principal Programme Manager at Leeds City Council, discusses early steps to empower housing associations and improve processes with landlord grants.

Foundations April Webinar – Rachel Frondigoun

Rachel Frondigoun, Foundations Associate and co-author of the report 'Housing Associations and Housing Adaptations: Finding Ways to Say Yes', discusses how housing services in Lichfield are looking to improve adaptations in the home.

Foundations February Webinar – Rachel Russell

Rachel Russell, Senior Regional Advisor at Foundations, revisits Adaptations Without Delay (2019) and how it has led to the DFG Assessment Summit in 2023.

Foundations February Webinar – Dil Gujral

Dil Gujral, Chief Party Wall Surveyor, returns to give the Foundation's network the basics of the Party Wall etc Act 1996 and an exclusive offer.