I have joined Foundations as a regional adviser after spending just under 20 years with a Home Improvement Agency.   During my time at the HIA I went from a very much inexperienced junior Technical Officer right through to becoming the Senior Technical Officer and then after 17 years became the Agency Manager.  As the agency manager most of my tenure happened during the covid outbreak which presented many new and unexpected challenges.  I am proud to say that despite the difficult circumstances we successfully kept our service running and were able to safely help all our clients throughout this time with the exception of a couple of months when the builders merchants were closed.  In joining Foundations, I am looking forward to sharing all the skills and experience I have gained and help support and develop the sector towards providing the best service we all can.

Recreationally I enjoy playing Softball in the Oxfordshire softball league.  This is a mixed sport that includes people of all ages and skill levels that I became involved in just before covid struck.   I played my first full season in 2021 and am proud to say our team finished top of the league – although most of that was down to the amazing players already in the team!  I also enjoy distance running and have been lucky enough to participate in the London marathon as well as our local marathon and various shorter charity runs.  At home I like to write fiction of all kinds, am always busy with a DIY project and enjoy scratch model making crafts too but don’t often find much free time these days on account of my wife and I being lucky enough to have four children!

I am here to support the sector and technical officers, we have been working with Callsafe to develop a number of guides and you can view the first one now on Legionella here.