Roy McNally – Operational Link Between FCM and Customers

As we’ve had some staff changes and new starters in the Case Manager team over recent months, and we thought it would be a good opportunity to do a regular “meet the team” feature in our monthly blogs, and so until I volunteer another member of the team to expose themselves to the sector at large, I thought I’d better lead by example and start with myself.

I’m Roy McNally, and Local Authorities and HIAs in the north of England will know me as the north of England regional advisor for Foundations, however over recent months I’ve taken on some additional involvement with the Case Manager team. I’m not one of the technically focussed staff, (although I do know that a computer is just a telly and a typewriter joined together with wires), all the technical knowledge is concentrated in other areas of the team. My role within the Case manager team is very much a link with the customer on an operational rather than technical level.

But the point of these “meet the team” features is to tell you something of our lives that you may not be aware of, so for those of you that don’t know, I’m a habitual house mover, and will be relocating back to Manchester for the second time in my life this October, after being in Liverpool (twice) and Cumbria. Hopefully, this time we’ll settle for at least a few years? And despite being in my mid-fifties, I’m still in possession of all my vital powers, with my wife having recently given birth to our lovely baby girl Rebecca. As such I’m living a life much like that of Rod Stewart!

In terms of where I’d like to see the Case Manager team and product develop, well I’m really aware that as a team we have been through a lot of changes recently, and some team upheaval, however, we now have an excellent new team in place, and although progress has been slow in some areas, I think we’re in a much better place to develop the product for the benefit of our customers. I’m placing a great emphasis on standardisation and robustness, and as a team we are currently reviewing our baseline case manager configuration to turn it into a “best practice” DFG configuration, straight out of the box.

We’ll keep you all abreast of these changes via these blogs and our e-communications. To find out more check out the FCM page here.