As many of you will already be aware, the Case Manager team said a fond farewell to Lee Evans earlier this month. Lee was a pivotal member of the Case Manager team and many customers will have benefited from his friendly nature and technical expertise. Lee has now gone on to bigger things with a new role in software development, and we were left with the task of finding a new member for the team.

Happily, I am pleased to say we have been very lucky to have recruited Kiran Gill to the position of Customer Success Manager. Kiran is not a direct replacement for Lee but instead has a skill set and previous experience that makes her an ideal fit for the continued development of Case Manager, and she will be instrumental in ensuring new customers are able to have their systems implemented more quickly than before and to lead on our closer working relationship with our software partners Iizuka. So I have pleasure in introducing you to Kiran…. 

Hello, my name is Kiran, and I recently joined Foundations as a Customer Success Manager in early November. I decided to become part of Foundations because of their commitment to giving back to the community through the provision of a warming service. I have been welcomed and supported by everyone here. My upcoming focus involves enhancing the implementation process by introducing a streamlined approach. This will include the development of an implementation runbook and other support resources, ultimately ensuring a more efficient and smooth experience for our clients. Applying the company’s values will be crucial for enhancing the implementation process. I am excited about the positive impact these changes will have on our clients and look forward to witnessing their successful implementations.