We’ve recently undergone a restructure of the Foundations Case Manager team.

This is to reflect our desire to offer Case Manager customers a better level of service by getting a better understanding of our customer needs, and providing greater access to, and engagement with our regional advice team. To this end, a few new faces will be involved with the Case Manager team:

• Tony Molloy has taken on management of the Case Manager team. This will involve developing future strategic development for the Case Manager product, and the support team.

• Ainsley Rowe has taken on the role of scheduling and co-ordination of software implementation, configuration tasks and resource allocation.

• Roy McNally will work with the Case Manager team, linking them with the Foundations regional advice team, to develop better engagement with new and existing customers, to better understand customer needs and help inform the Case Manager team on the specific requirements of those customers.

We are also investing in additional resources to increase capacity in the areas of implementation, configuration, reporting and helpdesk.


It may take a few weeks for our new structure to bear positive results, but existing customers can expect to be contacted by Roy in the coming weeks to set up regular catch-up meetings, in order to give them updates on progress, and to take back any queries or concerns they may have.

Prospective customers will also be provided with a range of on-line information resources, and product demonstrations will take a “layered” approach whereby Foundations regional advisors will engage with potential customers early in the procurement process before operational and technical demonstrations are arranged, which are tailored to the customer’s specific needs.

Helpdesk reporting will continue as present, without any change.


If you require any further information on these developments, please contact Roy McNally on [email protected] or check out the FCM page here.