Presumably, many readers will already be familiar with our AdaptMyHome portal the easy-to-use self-assessment website that allows a client to undertake a basic assessment of their needs for adaptations, along with an initial test of resources.

However, what you may not be aware of is that the portal has some specific background functionality especially for Foundations Case Manager customers. These include the ability for the client to make their self-assessment and test of resources calculation, and then have the information transferred electronically as a referral into the Case Manager system. This means that if your adaptations service uses Foundations Case Manager, you can provide your clients with a convenient way of people making self-referrals directly into your Case Manager System!

But that’s not all. The new functionality also includes the ability to manage your contractors in terms of work allocation, and governance. Your contractors can sign into the portal and upload their prices / bid for work, but you can also request their professional credentials (insurances, professional certifications etc), all accessed and stored via Foundations Case Manager. Not only that, if any contractor’s documents are due for renewal, the system will remind them to submit updated versions.

The new functionality is live, but still in beta-test stage, and we will be seeking Foundations Case Manager customers to trial the new functions before they go out for general release.

We have more specific AdaptMyHome / Foundations Case Manager functionality coming soon and we’ll keep you informed of all the developments as they come online.