Brent Private Housing Assistance Policy

Brent Council is consulting on proposals to change grant services in relation to the provision of disabled adaptations and supportive works. The proposed changes are intended to achieve improvements in relation to more quickly facilitating essential adaptations, repairs and assistance services for vulnerable residents. Proposed changes include:

The Discretionary Disability Adaptations Grant; a new alternative option to the mandatory Disabled Facility Grant, which will essentially retain the proven DFG model in all respects but without the deterrent factor of means-testing.

The Small Works Grant; increasing the upper financial limit to a total of £7,000 in any three year period.

The Handyperson service: a new service available free of charge to remove risks within the home for vulnerable residents, who will have been referred by Care or Health Professionals from either Brent Council or its NHS partners.

The Hospital Discharge Assistance service: a fast-track, prioritised route to the Handyperson Service in circumstances where a vulnerable person is unable to be discharged from hospital due to housing safety risks within their home.

Spend to Save Grant: a discretionary tool, where a case can be put in very special circumstances for the upper limit of a Small Works Grant to be exceeded.  

Please read the full consultation document in the Supporting Documents tab below and complete Brent Council’s short survey to indicate if you are in favour of the changes and any comments you have on it.

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