Funding announcements

Foundations Independent Living Trust (FILT) funding

FILT provides a range of funds and aims to expand its offering in future.

There are two types of funds which HIAs can access on behalf of their clients:

– those which involve individual applications (such as the npower Health Through Warmth Crisis Fund)

– delegated funds, where subject to a funding agreement, the HIA receives a ‘pot’ of money to use for specific objectives over a specific period of time

Some of our schemes – for example, the Gas Safe Charity scheme – include both types. So even if your HIA has not been awarded a ‘pot’ of funds, you can still apply to FILT on behalf of individual clients.

Why use FILT?

  • range of funds geared to HIAs and their clients for a variety of different needs
  • simple application processes with 58% of applications processed within 24 hours
  • funds totalling £926,000+ available via HIAs in 2015-16
  • more than 90 HIAs already work with FILT
  • our new online application system will make referrals and decisions even quicker

Apply now for funds

FILT’s funds are accessed by the HIA either by an individual application on behalf of a client, or as an allocation of funds to be used by the HIA in line with the funding programme.

Gas Safe Charity

npower Health Through Warmth Hardship Fund