An innovative approach to facilitating a long-term solution to people’s need for care support has been launched by Closomat.

The Palma Life offering enables local authorities to achieve best value. It combines, in a one-off payment, supply and commissioning of a Closomat Palma Vita wash dry toilet, plus a total 10 years’ service & maintenance (1).

It means the cost of the equipment, and its lifetime(2) servicing and maintenance is addressed in one, single cost, often as part of a Disabled Facilities Grant. This eliminates all the associated issues with funding and co-ordinating of future service and maintenance, with all the associated liaison with client, and administrative time and paperwork. It gives clients peace of mind that their equipment is appropriately covered. It gives a full ‘fit and forget’ solution for dignified, independent toileting, reducing or even eliminating the need for care intervention- for less than £1/day(3).

Closomat’s Palma Vita is already the most popular wash dry toilet to be installed to enable clients to go to the toilet on their own, with dignity. It is proven to offer the best wash and dry performance available.

Visit www.closomat.co.uk to find out more.

1 Palma Life package = £4415= purchase price of Palma Vita with standard free one year service & maintenance, plus a further nine years’ service & maintenance.

2 Lifetime= 10 years