NRS Healthcare HIA

NRS Healthcare offers a unique, clinically led approach to the goods and services we supply; working with individuals in a holistic and practical way across the wide integrated Health and Social Care setting. Our deep understanding of people’s needs consequently means we provide a more successful, responsive and tailored service.

How NRS can help

  • Reduce waiting times and clear backlogs :70 OTs – experience and capacity to ensure needs are met for Local Authorities and HIAs
  • Streamlining procedures and processes– enabling adaptions for people to live independently : DFG consultancy –Delivering Mandatory and preferred schemes
  • Disabled Facilities Grant: Delivering adaptions through discretionary and alternative available grants assistance
  • Reduced delays and early identification of alternatives, such as rehousing: Technical & clinical areas working in partnership – to identify needs and co designing solutions
  • Reduce the need for formal care: Technology Enabled care – Training and support utilising our proven expertise in using available funding creatively
Nrs Healthcare House

HIA aims:

  • To create a service around the home environment that will encompass all areas supporting people’s independence in their own home. This includes equipment, major and minor adaptations, repairs and improvements, home safety, and falls prevention plus financial issues relating to these issues.
  • The service aims to be the go-to place for all people’s housing issues, reducing the multiple handoffs created by many different agencies being involved.
  • To provide customers with the advice and information to help them make the right choice and provide practical help to deliver the right housing solution when they want it.
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  • Co-design bespoke process
  • Implement, maximising synergies with current team
  • Promote to users and stakeholders, such as housing partners
  • Effective and transparent reporting and outcomes