As a future proofed alternative to traditional stairlifts, Stiltz Homelifts allow residents and tenants with restricted mobility to continue living safely and independently for longer in their existing multi-level properties.


Why specify a Stiltz Homelift?

Stiltz manufacture all their own lifts – quality control is paramount from factory floor through to installation by highly trained employees into users’ homes. These domestic lifts ensure occupants can move with safety, confidence and ease between floors without the need for care intervention or relocation to single storey accommodation. A Stiltz Homelift provides a future proofed solution that meets changing mobility needs and offers long term value.

As a committed sponsor of Foundations, Stiltz endeavours to support all professionals responsible for improving housing. It successfully works with Home Improvement Agencies, Grant and Technical Officers, Occupational Therapists and Case Managers to ensure ambulant and disabled clients remain safe in their homes whilst benefiting from meaningful living. Furthermore, the Stiltz team of surveyors, builders and installers are focused on reducing case load pressures for housing professionals through efficient and diligent project implementation.

Enhanced by a complementary CPD programme, working with Stiltz delivers the best outcomes for housing clients through best practice and dependable access solutions.

Choice of homelifts

Stiltz manufactures two adaptable homelift models which cover a variety of housing scenarios and resident needs – the compact 2-person Duo and the spacious 3-person Trio.

Duo Homelifts are suitable for ambulant users who are not predicted to need a wheelchair in the future. With a footprint of a mere 0.55m2, the Duo is a compact solution for people with restricted mobility due to conditions such as knee/hips problems or arthritis. They can be sited in cupboards if space is genuinely at a premium, and are ideal for properties with restricted space.

Larger Trio Homelifts are designed to accommodate a full-sized wheelchair. These are suitable for both temporary and permanent wheelchair users and offer seamless travel between floors. Unlike a stairlift, users do not need to transfer out of their wheelchair as they can simply manoeuvre in and out without spare mobility equipment on each floor. If a Thru-Car option is preferred, users can enter the lift car on one floor and exit on arrival without having to reverse.

All homelifts in the Duo and Trio ranges travel along two free-standing, slimline vertical rails which can be located almost anywhere in a property. All Stiltz Homelifts plug into a domestic power socket, they are economical to use and available in a variety of specification levels. All include multiple safety features and comply with the latest fire regulations and quality standards.

Stiltz Installer

Ensuring better client outcomes, supporting professional best practice

Stiltz Homelift with client

Reducing case workloads

Whether a HIA, Technical Officer, Occupational Therapist or Expert Witness, workloads continue to grow whilst time allocation diminishes. Stiltz understands these pressures on everyday practice through its daily interaction with housing professionals, which has resulted in a strong understanding of commercial and public sector needs. Stiltz is helping to deliver fast solutions so housing access issues can be eased at pace and this provision is supported by high levels of project management and communication at all times.

Online resources

Housing professionals have 24/7 access to specification material hosted in the stiltzhealthcare.com Pro-portal. This free resource includes a variety of useful documents ranging from technical product sheets and fire safety conformity certificates to DFG and clinical reasoning guides.  Residents and tenants also have access to free online consumer versions.

Long term value

Stiltz Homelifts are engineered to last. Quality and reliability ensure enduring performance, so accessibility is sustained and value for money is maximised. Stiltz strives to meet all budgets with a considered approach to financial constraints and maintenance warranties can be extended up to 10 years if needed.


By choosing Stiltz for homelift provision, complex structural issues can be avoided which are commonplace with traditional through-floor and shaft-based lifts. Stiltz solutions are specifically designed for home use, they are not adapted commercial lifts. No significant structural modifications are required – resulting in the integrity of a building remaining untouched. This has several advantages including:

  • Highly flexible positioning
  • Fast installation
  • No party wall issues
  • Property resale value is maintained/increased

Saving time

Stiltz works smart to reduce the workloads of housing professionals with its 360-degree outsourcing service. Stiltz handles all aspects of planning, building regulations and control, pre-enablement works, install, safety commissioning, repairs and servicing. The option exists to choose video meetings including remote and virtual assessments which reduces the need for physical site visits along with speeding up any snagging sign off.

Stiltz Homelift with client at home

Stiltz Homelift being in the at home


Stiltz Homelifts eliminate risk and are fit for purpose through dependable operation and multiple safety features.

Neighbour friendly

When specifying home adaptations, client needs, wants and risks are the priority. However, it is wise to consider neighbours and how such additions may affect them. Traditional hydraulic lifts are renowned for producing noise and vibration which can cause a nuisance, especially against a party wall. Whereas electrically powered homelifts, such as those from Stiltz, operate smoothly via an exceptionally quiet motor and can, if needed, be positioned away from the walls.

A proven DFG track record

Stiltz has comprehensive experience of the DFG provision process and its products represent excellent long-term value for local authorities thereby maximising equipment budgets. Stiltz is committed to supporting streamlined grant approval and reducing challenges for all professionals involved with DFG applications. A DFG guide for professionals specifying a homelift can be found in the Stiltz Healthcare Pro-portal. 

Ease of installation

Stiltz provides a clear advantage as its homelifts can be installed quickly and are supported by an in-house,  responsive nationwide team. With dedicated Project Coordinators there is no need for housing professionals to get involved in managing multiple trade suppliers, thus reducing stress and opportunities for errors or misunderstandings. Once a ceiling/floor aperture has been created by Stiltz own building teams and any additional preparatory work undertaken, a homelift can be installed in as little as a day with minimal disruption to residents or tenants. Each homelift is delivered pre-assembled with only the two self-supporting rails needing to be adapted on site. The simplicity of this process is reflected in a straightforward electrical connection to a domestic wall socket.

CPD education

Stiltz believes in the importance of education. Its Continuing Professional Development programme provides a range of scheduled and tailor-made seminars, webinars and workshops for housing representatives seeking to improve their theoretical and practical approaches. Online sessions can be designed according to the needs of professionals along with physical workshops and product demonstrations at the Stiltz showrooms in Kingswinford in the West Midlands and Wokingham in Berkshire. All material is developed in association with qualified independent consultants, such as Occupational Therapists, and counts towards CPD hours with certificates available for attendees.

All Stiltz Homelifts are of course, priced very competitively.

Client Case Studies

As an ethical manufacturer, Stiltz has a duty of care to deliver positive outcomes for all. Here is a selection of evidence-based stories depicting how homelifts have facilitated improved quality of life.

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What Stiltz customers say

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