Lessons we have learned

On Wednesday the 24th June 2020, Foundations, ADASS and the Housing LIN were pleased to host a virtual conference introduced by Luke Hall MP, the Minister for Rough Sleeping and Housing, to draw on the lessons we have learned from our experiences during the Pandemic to inform our National Recovery.

The Minister reiterated the commitment by Government to address Rough Sleeping during this Parliament and to invest in move-on, affordable and accessible housing. This conference sought to provide focus to those commitments within the context of the National Health and Housing Memorandum of Understanding. Improving Health and Care through the Home.

Key messages

Key Messages are articulated by leading figures from across the Care, Housing and Health Sector and backed by the lived experience of providers and people during the Pandemic. Speakers, participants and polls during the day reflect and amplify some simple but challenging messages from across the Care, Housing and Health sectors.