Handyperson Financial Benefits Toolkit

The Handyperson financial benefits toolkit uses the most recent evidence on the outcomes and benefits of handyperson services and similar interventions to demonstrate the financial benefits of investing in handyperson services locally.

Whilst it is often difficult to obtain a robust figure in terms of savings generated by preventative interventions, there has been some effort at government level to quantify and evidence the benefits that handyperson services can deliver.

In 2010, the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (formerly DCLG) commissioned a national mapping exercise of handyperson services across England, together with the release of the Handyperson financial benefits toolkit.

The methodology and evidence-base underpinning the handyperson financial benefits toolkit have been accepted by both the NHS and HM Treasury as a means of generating robust financial data to build the case for handyperson services.

Example: Manchester Care & Repair

An analysis of the handyperson activity by Manchester Care & Repair, using the DCLG toolkit in 2012 found that:

  • From an investment of £275,000, commissioners will realise £452,054 of costed benefits
  • The biggest beneficiary of these costed benefits (apart from vulnerable clients themselves) are Social Services with £319,268 of costed benefits followed by Health with £95,938 of costed benefits.

HP Financial Benefits Toolkit

The toolkit is accompanied by two guidance documents. The Short Guidance provides a quick overview into the tool and the Full Guidance contains three sections:

  1. how to use the tool to extract the data for specific handyperson services;
  2. a detailed look at the evidence used to develop the Handyperson Services Financial Benefits Toolkit; and
  3. an overview of how to develop a business case for handyperson services.

HP Toolkit Short Guidance
HP Toolkit Full Guidance

If you wish to use the toolkit as part of creating a business case you are strongly encouraged to contact one of our Regional Advisors who can offer support by telephone, email or in person.

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