TrustMark is the ONLY safe trader scheme with government-backed quality standards. This means that it operates at the forefront of consumer protection. So if you’re looking to attract more paying customers to your handyperson service, TrustMark is the way to go.

With more and more customers seeking ways of finding trusted contractors, TrustMarks’s contractor search website gives you a shop-window which puts your service in front of literally thousands of paying customers.

Not only that, TrustMark is exceptional value for money at just £99+VAT per year.

So if you want to boost your business and prove your credibility, Quality Mark and TrustMark will help you achieve your objectives.

TrustMark is changing

The below pack explains the reasons and motivation for the changes at TrustMark, and how they will benefit Registered Businesses and their customers. The pack also includes practical details
regarding the brand update and transition process, van stickers and information on how to access further electronic brand assets.

Cover letter
Feedback Card
Van sticker 1
Van sticker 2

For more information on TrustMark, please contact Roy McNally on

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