Health and Housing

The right home environment is essential to health and wellbeing, throughout life. It is a wider determinant of health.

There are risks to an individual’s physical and mental health associated with living in:
  • a cold, damp, or otherwise hazardous home (an unhealthy home)
  • a home that doesn’t meet the household’s needs due to risks such as being overcrowded or inaccessible to a disabled or older person (an unsuitable home)
  • a home that does not provide a sense of safety and security including precarious living circumstances and/or homelessness (an unstable home)

The right home environment protects and improves health and wellbeing, and prevents physical and mental ill health. It also enables people to:
  • manage their own health and care needs, including long term conditions
  • live independently, safely and well in their own home for as long as they choose
  • complete treatment and recover from substance misuse, tuberculosis or other ill-health
  • move on successfully from homelessness or other traumatic life event
  • access and sustain education, training and employment
  • participate and contribute to society

The right home environment is essential to delivering NHS England’s Five Year Forward View, and local authority plans for social care. It can:
  • delay and reduce the need for primary care and social care
  • prevent hospital admissions
  • enable timely discharge from hospital, and prevent re-admissions
  • enable rapid recovery from periods of ill health or planned admissions

It is also essential to ambitions for the economy.

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