Becoming a Dementia Friend

Dementia Friends is an initiative run through the Alzheimer’s Society to help people understand the challenges of living with dementia in their own communities. It is not about becoming a carer or befriender, although many people are, but about being aware of and sensitive to people’s needs.

To become a Dementia Friend you will need to attend a short training session (around 45 minutes to an hour long) to increase your understanding of the condition and how it affects people’s lives, and then you will be asked to think about how you can turn that understanding into action. It doesn’t have to be a large action – it could be as simple as being more patient with an older person, or by encouraging others to become dementia friends too – but every action helps communities become more dementia friendly overall.

Individuals or organisations can get involved: why not encourage your HIA to become a dementia friendly organisation? 

Training is free, and can be accessed via the Dementia Friends’ website: simply click on the link and find a suitable date near you. 

More information can be found at