Care & Repair Worcestershire’s DFG process is now mobile and paperless

Working closely with Care & Repair Worcestershire, the HIA Case Manager team have developed a fully paperless and mobile working DFG application. The process enables HIA workers to capture all required application data within the system’s mobile application; this includes financial and applicant details, photos, and relevant signatures. The process culminates in the generation of relevant DFG documentation and certificates, including the DFG application form, directly from Case Manager. The application form has also been improved: it has been reduced from eighteen plus pages to just three and includes all company branding. The Local Authority can then be alerted that the case is ready for approval and can access the record to review and approve the grant without having to transfer any paper files.

This process has already sped up the approval process considerably. With the introduction of the paperless application, the HIA hopes to make the process more efficient and secure, with no personal client data ever leaving the system or being held in paper format.

Kate Curran from Care and Repair Worcestershire said: “We were already attaching applications onto Case Manager and submitting them to the LA via actions, but we wanted to remove the need for paper form filling and the duplication of information across the various raft of application documents.

Foundations were unerringly helpful and supportive to us in working out what we had to do to reach our goal. They really understood our services, listened to our requirements and were able to explain how this could be achieved. We experienced some technical challenges along the way in creating the forms and publishing them to PDF, but we were able to resolve these either via creative thinking or by Foundations working with the developers to modify Case Manager functions. The benefits of the new process are already evident and we are looking forward to realising the full extent of the new processes over the coming months.

Foundations provided a great service and enabled us to move forward with a paperless, more efficient and customer friendly process. We could not have achieved our goals without them.

If you are interested in learning more or are looking to streamline your DFG application then contact Matthew Greenhalgh on:  or 07714 733237

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