Derbyshire County Council purchased HIA Case Manager to support the delivery of a countywide Handyperson service.  The service is run by a network of providers including Metropolitan Housing Association.  The driver for Derbyshire County was that they could then monitor and track all Handyperson jobs in the County and have easy access to performance indicators and quality.  The model works for providers as they have access to the HIA Case Manager system to aid efficiently workflow planning and appointment management.

Due to the multiplicity of providers, in many cases, due to the process driven nature of the system, all work has been streamlined and their overall process has been made more efficient with direct referrals internally and to external providers.

Louise Cope, Contracts Manager in Adult Care in Derbyshire said:

“The Case Manager system has now been fully implemented across the network of providers who deliver the Handy Van service across Derbyshire.  The system has been adapted to fully meet the requirements of the systems and working practices that are in place across the county.  As the system has been implemented, small changes/improvements have been made as they have been identified by operational staff who use the system on a daily basis.  Initial feedback from operational staff has been very positive with many staff stating that this system is a huge improvement on the old FEMIS system.  The main reasons for this are the ease of use and the reduced levels of data entry that have been delivered by the system.”

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