Commissioning is now one of the most used phrases in local and national government, but one that is not often understood. Commissioning is the process by which needs and problems are assessed and solutions are then designed and implemented to deliver positive outcomes.

There are a number of important and overlapping phases throughout the commissioning process. Often different names are used for the different stages and the amount of stages can vary, but a typical commissioning cycle will feature:

Foundations can support commissioners throughout the commissioning cycle with a range of tools and resources as well as advice and information from our network of regional development managers.

For providers, these resources will help you to understand the commissioning process and how you need to mould your services to meet the requirements of commissioners.

We are able to support commissioners and providers during procurement exercises by deploying different development managers and implementing a ‘Chinese wall’.

Contact a Regional Development Manager:

Roy McNally - North of England

Francis Philippa - West Midlands

Dave Eldridge - South East and London

Tony Molloy - South West