TrustMark is the ONLY safe-trader scheme with government endorsed standards. It operates at the forefront of consumer protection and as such Foundations considers it very important that HIAs are associated with TrustMark to emphasise their high levels of customer protection. Additionally, TrustMark now works with Trading Standards to ensure that any TrustMark registered contractor is also Trading Standards approved.

Foundations is able to register HIAs with Trustmark in two scheme areas: Handyperson and Disabled Adaptations (Major Adaptations) and we are also able to assess your contractors directly!

TrustMark is changing:

The below pack explains the reasons and motivation for the changes at TrustMark, and how they will benefit Registered Businesses and their customers. The pack also includes practical details
regarding the brand update and transition process, van stickers and information on how to access further electronic brand assets.

Cover letter
Feedback Card
Van sticker 1
Van sticker 2

TrustMark has many benefits:

For the Local Authority or HIA looking to maintain an approved contractors list – Foundations and TrustMark can help, at little or no cost to you.

For the HIA looking to develop new revenue lines in the able-to-pay market, TrustMark provides a valuable shop window where your services are showcased to literally thousands of customers looking to pay for quality assured services. TrustMark membership helps to ensure HIAs fully comply with the requirements of the new Consumer Rights Act (2015), and EU directive on alternative dispute resolution.

For the contractor wishing to achieve the recognition of being subjected to rigorous vetting, it puts them ahead of the competition by working to government endorsed standards.

For more information about TrustMark, please contact Roy McNally