HIA Quality Mark

The quality mark was originally designed as a passporting assessment for the Supporting People QAF, and has always been informed by those working in the sector. The latest version of the quality mark, being rolled out from June 2019, includes new objectives around DFG transformation (if applicable), consumer rights, and alternative dispute resolution. The documentation also now includes interactive links to example documents and on-line training resources, to ensure you get the most out of the assessment process.

To take account of the increased emphasis on information and advice provision in the Care Act, HIA Quality Mark now acts as a feeder qualification for onward progression to obtain the Advice Quality Standard (AQS).

The QM covers ten key objectives of a Home Improvement Agency’s work

Objective 1: Minimum services from an HIA

The service should be holistic and offer a choice to clients
Objective 2: Assessment and support planning Clients’ needs (and any associated risks) are assessed to an appropriate degree.
Assessments are performed by skilled staff and involve other professionals and/or carers as appropriate
Objective 3: Duty of care to clients and staff
The security, health and safety of all individual clients, staff and the wider community are protected.
Objective 4: Fair access, diversity and inclusion
The service is accessible to all vulnerable persons needing the services on offer from the HIA
Objective 5: Privacy and confidentiality
The client's privacy is respected and protected by the HIA
Objective 6: Listening to your Customers
The customer relationship is clear and information flows both ways.
Objective 7: Forward Planning and Finance
The service is well managed and has robust procedures in place
Objective 8: Staff are well trained, managed and involved in service planning
Objective 9: Case / File Management Policy Records are generated and stored securely
Objective 10: Governance and High-Level Strategy
Records are generated and stored securely

In order for agencies to demonstrate that they are achieving the 10 objectives they must provide evidence that they are undertaking specific activities and the impact of those activities.

Home Improvement Agencies who achieve the Quality Mark can enjoy many benefits from enhanced credibility and access to funding and other opportunities, to improved service delivery and stronger partnerships. All agencies who achieve the Quality Mark automatically receive a premium listing on FindmyHIA and a prominent position in search results.

Home Improvement Agencies of any configuration – independent or in-house, large or small, rural or urban – can achieve accreditation; groups of agencies working in partnership can even go through the process together. Accreditation lasts for two years.

The assessment process comprises:

Step 1: Organise your evidence.
Most of what we are asking for, you should already have in place but it may not have been logged in a systematic way, we ask that you organise your evidence in this way

Step 2: Check what you send us.

Step 3: Involve the whole service team to produce the evidence

Step 4: We assess your evidence.



For more information about becoming an HIA or receiving a Quality Mark award, please contact Roy McNally

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