Procurement frameworks are an excellent way of saving money for your clients and time for yourself when delivering adaptations.

There are existing framework agreements out there, where the work has already been done to make the process EU compliant. So if you need a particular product instead of having to procure it yourself you can buy it directly through a pre-existing framework. For example, if you want a stairlift agreement you can approach the company directly through the framework company. We have links with Procurement for Housing and can facilitate this and other agreements for you. For lifts, there is a main provider that won the original tender so that you can liaise directly with them.

From speaking to Local Authorities and Home Improvement Agencies we know that:

  • ​​Many are under-spending on their increased allocations;
  • Most are missing the timescales set out in official guidelines; and
  • Some are still asking for quotations to be returned in the post

In response we've developed DFG Tenders Online - a brand new web tool where you can specify and adaptation and generate quotes for all of your local builders in just 5 minutes.

Key features:

Easy to use - with set-up done by Foundations
Designed to work with local builders
Fully customisable - use your own specification or choose a standard template
No special software required - works on any device with a web browser and internet connection


Watch this video to see how the portal will work in practice.


Contact Paul Smith for more information.