DFG Tenders

From speaking to Local Authorities and Home Improvement Agencies we know that:

  • ​​Many are under-spending on their increased allocations;
  • Most are missing the timescales set out in official guidelines; and
  • Some are still asking for quotations to be returned in the post


In response we've developed DFG Tenders Online - a brand new web tool where you can specify and adaptation and generate quotes for all of your local builders in just 5 minutes.

Key features:

Easy to use - with set-up done by Foundations
Designed to work with local builders
Fully customisable - use your own specification or choose a standard template
No special software required - works on any device with a web browser and internet connection


Watch this video to see how the portal will work in practice.


The system comes with a standard specification and will be initially rolled out to a limited number of 20 home improvement agencies.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact our director, Paul Smith