Poor data systems and service delivery

When we at Foundations talk to Home Improvement Agencies or Local Authorities, about the way they deliver services, a common issue is one of poor data systems. We hear of different teams or departments using different systems, and those systems rarely talk to each other. We learn of Spreadsheets being used to record activity, which only a few chosen people know about. We even encounter creaking MS Access databases being used. Created out of frustration with corporate data systems that never seem to do what they’re supposed to do.

Well, Foundations Case Manager could be the solution (but I would say that, wouldn’t I?) But in reality Foundations Case Manager could genuinely be the solution, because the clue is in the name “Foundations”. Because, anybody who has ever been involved in implementing software knows only too well is that software is only half the solution. To really get a data systems to do what you need, you first need to know exactly what you need it to do!


Our ongoing development of our Case Manager offer will see a greater emphasis on Foundations working with customers, to get a greater understanding of their own internal processes, with the benefit of having a Foundations regional advisor available to suggest tweaks, or reforms to your business process, so this optimum process is replicated in your finished case manage system.

No other solution provider can offer this unique service. So if you’re considering reforming your data systems, remember that software is only half the solution, the other half is Foundations.