Last month, Foundations announced the development of a new and upgraded version of the AdaptMyHome website, which is set to be live by December 2021.

The new portal transforms the self-assessment process for the Disabled Facilities Grant, streamlines applications and cuts wasted wait time.

It will also prevent clients who are not eligible for DFG funding to receive the right advice earlier, which in turn will reduce preventable falls/accidents.


The system will give teams more time to use their resources and professional skills on more complex adaptations where staff are currently stretched.

In addition to this front-facing client portal, exciting upgrades are also going to be offered to current and future Foundations Case Manager customers which allow this process to be even more streamlined once an application is submitted.

The new upcoming modules aim to make both procurement and contractor relationships more efficient, offering you brand new functionality which streamlines everything into one single system.

The aim is to remove manual management as much as possible, so you and your teams can spend your time and professional experience on supporting clients and ensuring adaptations are completed to the highest standard.

To ensure the system works best for you, you will be invited to a workshop on June 8th where we will be demonstrating the new modules. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and suggest any additional changes which we can incorporate into the new system before it goes live.

You can sign up here.