Local HIAs are really busy across the sector.  The second year impacted by COVID is just being wrapped up and people are taking stock.  The new DFG allocation hit local bank accounts on the 11th May.  You will all be taking a closer look at some of the implications of the new DFG Guidance for your services.  Government has announced money to ensure better integration of housing in local health and care systems as well as money to commission local minor repair and adaptations services also known as Handyperson services. The implications of all of this for people at the coal face has been to make people look closely at the priorities, policies and processes in place where they work. 

Increasing numbers of local authorities are asking us to take a deep dive into the organisation of your DFG programmes to identify and remove bottlenecks, shift working culture and patterns and put in place new ways of working.  We appreciate that there are simply not enough people to do the day job, keep up with the changing priorities as well as transforming services.   

At a time we are all resetting services and trying to cope with rising demand and lack of people to deal with it, it is good to have someone to help you do the heavy lifting. At Foundations we have always sought to help by providing a range of self-assessment tools such as the DFG Quality Standard, the new Housing Assistance Policy toolkit and provide personal support through our team of regional advisers who are able to help you with specific queries as well as a range bespoke workshops that should help you identify the things you can change, improve or even do away with. And because the team has individual strengths covering all aspects of the system such as Assessments, Policy making, Process analysis, Monitoring and Building Technical support it is likely that depending on the issue you should like to address you will have the benefit of more than one. 

Over the years, Foundations has therefore attracted a range of associate consultants with deep roots in the sector and an understanding of the issues and concerns affecting it.  Because they work as team alongside in-house expertise of Foundations they have access to the tools, data and analyses we have developed over the years as a National Body.  One team, one message and a clear legacy after the work is done. In the past 12 months we have worked with 9 Local Authorities and increased our pool of associates to be able to respond to the demand for focused and sector specific support. We have helped services to review and improve their processes and local Housing Assistance policies in the light of the DFG Review and the new Guidance. If you are interested in having a conversation about the challenges and opportunities facing your service contact your Regional Adviser. They will be able to help you take the first step.