Tucked within the pages of Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty’s annual report lies an underdog story waiting to be told – the story of mainstream housing’s potential to transform the lives of older adults. Long overshadowed by extra care and supported housing, it’s time for those in private sector housing to take centre stage and turn this report into a catalyst for change. 

Whitty’s report spotlights mainstream housing as the unsung hero in the narrative of care and support for older people. This isn’t about grand establishments but the humble abodes where the majority of older adults reside. For those of us in the private housing sector, this could be our moment to shine. 

Practical Steps for Private Sector Housing Champions


1. Grassroots Advocacy

Start local. Gather compelling stories and data from your communities to illustrate the impact of improved mainstream housing on older adults’ lives. Use these narratives to advocate for policy changes and funding. 

2. Forge Alliances

Collaborate with local health care providers, social workers, and non-profits. These partnerships can amplify your voice and extend your reach when campaigning for more support and funding. 

3. Leverage the Report

Use Whitty’s report as your evidence-based playbook. Highlight its key points in your proposals and presentations to stakeholders and funding bodies to show the urgent need for investment in mainstream housing. 

4. Pilot Projects

Start small with pilot projects that can serve as models for the success of improving mainstream housing. Document the outcomes and use them as case studies to secure more extensive funding. 

As we champion the cause of mainstream housing, each small victory adds up. Every home improved, every life made safer, brings us closer to turning the tide in favour of this underdog. With determination and collective action, we can ensure mainstream housing is no longer the overlooked chapter in the story of our ageing population. 

At Foundations, we’re continuing to work with the Centre for Ageing Better on a range of projects that build upon the Good Home Enquiry. If you want to know more, check out their website.