Like many people, I depend upon my PC to do my job.

Without it I’d be lost! But if you’re like me, I have been guilty in the past of seeing those annoying Windows messages popping up to tell me I needed to install updates, and immediately either ignoring them, or “snoozing” them so they come back a second or third time, whereupon I’d ignore them again. They always seem to come up when I’m extremely busy and trying to meet a deadline!

However, recently my procrastination came back to bite me! I was due to host a DFG Basics course over Zoom. There were 20+ delegates booked onto the course which was beginning at 9.30am. Just before 9am I powered up my PC and logged-on. Then suddenly I noticed my PC started to update – and I couldn’t cancel it! In a state of panic, I frantically phoned-around hoping to get some support, but as the PC was updating, our technical support staff couldn’t log-in to my PC. It was now 9.15am and I knew delegates for the course were starting to arrive on Zoom. Happily, after more frantic communication, my counterpart in London and the South East – Dave Eldridge came to my rescue, and he hosted the course, whilst I sat in front of a laptop that took well over an hour to finish its updates.


So, what I learned is that I need to take system updates more seriously.

The thing is, I know I’m not alone in experiencing things like this. Every day we see tickets coming into the Foundations Case Manager helpdesk from users who can’t access their system, or can’t enter data in fields. When we look into these case, many are caused by the user not installing the latest updates to their system. As Foundations Case Manager is a wed-based system, it is essential that customers ensure that the web-browser they use to access the system is up-to-date (i.e. the latest version), otherwise they will encounter problems like those described above. The issue is becoming more prevalent at the moment because some customers still use Microsoft Internet Explorer, which has been replaced by Microsoft Edge, and as such is no longer supported. This is not just an issue with FCM, as it’s a problem that affects all the best cloud-based software systems.

So in order to ensure your FCM system remains stable, please ensure you install the latest version of your preferred web-browser (Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome, FireFox etc).

More information on the withdrawal of Internet Explorer can be found here. 

More information on FCM can be found on our website here.